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It is a little known fact that unlike almost all canned products, sweetened condensed milk is not cooked in a retort.  If it was cooked it would become caramel.  It is made from pasteurised condensed milk and sugar that is … Continue reading

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Caramel Experiment

There was a post on Facebook suggesting an easy way to make powdered caramel from sugar was to bake sugar in the oven at a relatively low temperature for a long time.   I hypothesised that it should therefore be possible … Continue reading

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According to my mum, goulash was mince fried with onions and tomato purée. We usually had it with mashed potato and peas. This is real Hungarian Goulash, adapted for a slow cooker. Ingredients 500 g lean beef cut into 3 cm cubes … Continue reading

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Mulled Wine for One

A long cold day.  I have sore  knees and I need a good night’s sleep. I have one bottle of French red that I thought might be nice to mull.  I did not want to use the whole bottle as it … Continue reading

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Muesli Bars

An exercise in experimental baking. I like to mix my breakfast cereals.  I combine muesli, corn flakes, puffed wheat and so on, all the time. Whenever my current choice of breakfast cereal is running low, I add the last serve or two to … Continue reading

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Rendang Daging

  This is one of my favourite curries, that I first learned from the wonderful Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon.  I still intend to find another copy some time.  I hope my girls are giving it good use now.  This adaption is … Continue reading

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Self-Saucing Malted Chocolate Pudding

This is the same as the last self saucing chocolate pudding recipe I posted, except for some small changes.   Firstly, I had no self-raising flour left, so I used plain flour and baking powder.  I did not use the Kenwood this … Continue reading

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