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Spicy Bean and Tomato Soup

Quick and easy, very tasty. You can improve the flavour of the soup by using Watties baked beans.  if they are not available the soup will improve the flavour of Heinz or SPC beans, Makes six serves of approximately 600 … Continue reading

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Chicken & Vegetables in Sweet Chilli Sambal

Being on this healthy eating kick, I eschew sweet biscuits, cakes and confectionery, even chocolate! But I still get a craving for something sweet now and then. There’s too much sugar in commercial sweet chilli sauce (I read the labels … Continue reading

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How to F**k a Duck – and make Really Good Duck Soup.

I was disappointed the other day in the outcome after faithfully following an on-line recipe for slow roasted duck, that promised tender and succulent duck meat. The recipe was as follows: How to Roast F**K a Duck: The Basic Technique: (AKA … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked Chicken and Shiitake Soup

Whenever I cook a whole chicken, I save the bones and carcase for stock.  I put the eaten bones in the freezer until the carcase is bare, unless I pull all the meat off immediately to refrigerate or freeze.  If … Continue reading

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Six Cheese Macaroni

I modestly submit this is the best macaroni cheese ever. Six Cheese Macaroni Six Cheese Macaroni Ingredients 1 packet (350 g) macaroni 2 fatty rashers of bacon, sliced small one  broccoli head, cut into florets and sliced .  The stump can … Continue reading

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