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Kate’s Dalai Lama Soup.

In honour of the Dalai Lama, Kate created this delicious soup from homemade vegetable stock, onion, turmeric, pumpkin, carrots and orange sweet potatoes, and from purple sweet potatoes, beetroot, red onion and carrot. The colours represent the robes of the … Continue reading

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Lightly Glazed Pork Fillet

A little Sunday Dinner indulgence.  Variety from the plain diet of the last week. This recipe uses some of my favourite kitchen appliances:   The awesome and convenient Turbo oven ($50 from the Halls Creek postshop) a rice cooker and a can-opener.  … Continue reading

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Lyn’s Cream of Cauliflower Soup

This goes straight into my top five favourite soups*. Lyn made this for Corey and me.  It was so good I begged for the recipe. Like me Lyn cooks without always quantifying the ingredients, and was not planning on writing this down, … Continue reading

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Pumpkin & Dahl Curry Soup

Three days a week I am vegetarian.  For no particular reason, except that meat is really expensive here and I prefer something good on occasion rather than a more regular serving of mince and and cheap cuts of tough meat. … Continue reading

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Coconut Cream of Chicken and Pumpkin Soup

As the weather cools, time to turn to warming comfort foods. I love making soups.  Sometimes I think soups are my forté. Pumpkin, coconut and curry combined have a special flavour to me.  Coconut curry soup does not need to be spicy hot … Continue reading

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Thai Green Curry with Prawns

You can buy a pretty good ready-made paste for making Thai green curry, but occasionally I like making it from scratch.  This recipe tastes as good as any I have had in a Thai restaurant. Thai Green Curry Prawns a good … Continue reading

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Seafood Green Curry Soup

  Ingredients 1  can coconut cream 1/2 cup green curry paste 3 cups  water 1 heaped teaspoon vegetable stock powder 2 Tbs.  brown sugar a dash or five of fish sauce 1 large potato cut into very small cubes 1 … Continue reading

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