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Roast Lamb Dinner

Dinner for four, me and my three imaginary friends. (One of us doesn’t like potato). Half a leg of boneless lamb, and vegetables. The pumpkin is stuffed with sunflower seeds and maple syrup. The hasselback potatoes are stuffed with garlic … Continue reading

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Deep Baked Fritata

Upmarket Bubble and Squeak I made this with vegetables lightly cooked specifically for it, but typically you might use leftovers. Any combinations that can be layered would be fun, from cauliflower to courgette and meat to mushrooms. Cooked only. Raw … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Dhal

It is difficult to make a photo of a bowl of dhal look good. But it tastes good. About 700 kJ per cupful. Ingredients: 1 large sweet potato, diced 1 large onion, diced 1 cup red lentils 2 cups diced … Continue reading

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Boneless Chicken III

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the kitchen. Another sequel. This is yet another iteration of the Chicken in a vegetable bed. Cooked in the halogen (turbo) oven. But this time apart from a layer … Continue reading

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Chicken, Turkey & Chorizo in Mushroom Sauce

This is real, rich, high calorie, high carb, high protein, high fat comfort food. But it is so good. And very satisfying. Possibly the best meal I cooked all year. An experiment in expediency that eventuated as extremely edible. It … Continue reading

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Egg and Corned Beef Pie, Pastryless.

Following on from the Pommes de Terre Anna, a bacon and egg pie substitute using low fat corned beef. You could substitute ham or bacon but I used my own corned beef. Baking the bottom layer of potato first ensures … Continue reading

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