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Sweet Potato Cakes (in the toasted sandwich maker)

Low sodium, low GI, gluten, dairy and egg free, for those to whom it matters. Healthy comfort food. This recipe makes 8 potato cakes of about 775 kJ each. 1 golden sweet potato (about 350g) peeled and grated 1 potato … Continue reading

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Cider Braised Apple Cabbage

I found a way to have a little bacon by diluting its saltiness. This would go really well with roast pork. If I had some roast pork. Total energy about 2,400 kJ so roughly 600 per serve. Ingredients • 2 … Continue reading

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Roast Cauliflower Cheese

Here is a way to enjoy the flavours and textures of cauli and cheese without the high carb, high calorie white sauce. Note:  I was a little Spartan with the cheese, but if you can afford to be more indulgent, … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Sweetcorn and Bacon Muffins

Makes six muffins of approx 600 kJ each. Really vegetarian.  The bacon flavouring is actually vegan. This recipe is low salt.  You may wish to add a little more. Ingredients 1 cup self raising flour 1/2 tsp baking soda 6 … Continue reading

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Caravansayur: Traveller’s Sayur in Peanut Gravy.

(low sodium) A quick and easy delicious fusion of Thai green curry and Indonesian style vegetables (sayur) using chicken breast, prawns or pork fillet. Ingredients for two servings of about 2000 kJ (480 Calories) total Other green vegetables such as … Continue reading

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Double Cornish Fritters.

So delicious. The yoghurt reacts with the self-raising flour to make fritters that are golden crisp with a creamy centre. You could substitute ham or smoked chicken for the corned beef, but then the fritters would not be so Cornish. … Continue reading

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Toasted Sriracha Chicken Thigh

Cooking for one means I am looking for quick and easy ways to prepare meals that are enjoyable, healthy, and not boring. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are my go-to poultry choice because In my opinion they have the best flavour. … Continue reading

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