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Cheerful Turmeric Scramble

I thought this might turn out well. It exceeded expectations for such a simple dish. Next time; more basil. Basil and egg love each other. 1 serve of approx 620 kJ. Ingredients. Per person: 2 large eggs 1 Tbsp milk … Continue reading

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Scrambled Egg with Wilted Spinach

Served here on toasted sunflower seed bread. Three eggs Two tablespoons milk Salt and pepper A pinch of ground cardamom One Tbsp butter A good handful of baby spinach leaves Whisk the milk, spice, seasonings and eggs Melt the butter … Continue reading

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Spiced Apple Cake

I don’t have a springform tin any more, nor do I have an oven. So I made this in a paper-lined dish in a turbo oven. I should have covered the cake with foil a little sooner. But it still … Continue reading

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Simply put, this all-inclusive wrap will have you seeing rainbows, it is so satisfying. Lettuce Goji berry chutney Beans (Or bacon!) Tomato Quinoa In a spinach wrap, with Avocado. Meat of your choice Feta Self explanatory, really. But you could … Continue reading

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Broccoli & Cauliflower Cakes

Leftover brassica bubble and squeak. Delicious. 1 cup cooked cauliflower, chopped small 1 cup cooked broccoli, chopped small 2eggs 1 heaped Tbsp instant mashed potato powder 1/2 tsp curry powder Salt and pepper Oil or butter for frying Mix all … Continue reading

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Sriracha Creamed Corn Scrambled Eggs

Sriracha Creamed Corn Scrambled Eggs – Another simple and satisfying breakfast that starts the day with a zing. As an alternative to Sriracha, finely chop a couple of chilies and fry them in the butter before adding the egg and … Continue reading

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Shakshuka [Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce] A new breakfast to start the day with a zing.   I really like this one. Adapted from Saveur , who say it is an Israeli dish of  Libyan origin.  Others say it is Tunisian, or … Continue reading

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