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Simply put, this all-inclusive wrap will have you seeing rainbows, it is so satisfying. Lettuce Goji berry chutney Beans (Or bacon!) Tomato Quinoa In a spinach wrap, with Avocado. Meat of your choice Feta Self explanatory, really. But you could … Continue reading

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Broccoli & Cauliflower Cakes

Leftover brassica bubble and squeak. Delicious. 1 cup cooked cauliflower, chopped small 1 cup cooked broccoli, chopped small 2eggs 1 heaped Tbsp instant mashed potato powder 1/2 tsp curry powder Salt and pepper Oil or butter for frying Mix all … Continue reading

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Sriracha Creamed Corn Scrambled Eggs

Sriracha Creamed Corn Scrambled Eggs – Another simple and satisfying breakfast that starts the day with a zing. As an alternative to Sriracha, finely chop a couple of chilies and fry them in the butter before adding the egg and … Continue reading

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Shakshuka [Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce] A new breakfast to start the day with a zing.   I really like this one. Adapted from Saveur , who say it is an Israeli dish of  Libyan origin.  Others say it is Tunisian, or … Continue reading

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How to Prepare and Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg A newly-laid egg that is hard-boiled is more difficult to peel than one that is a couple of weeks old.   Following a recent discussion about this; I present some handy hints on the … Continue reading

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Marbled Eggs

In my one acknowledgement of Oestre this year, I have prepared some spicy marbled eggs. These are derived from a Chinese recipe, adapted to my taste and available ingredients. If you are making them for children, or people who do … Continue reading

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Self-Saucing Malted Chocolate Pudding

This is the same as the last self saucing chocolate pudding recipe I posted, except for some small changes.   Firstly, I had no self-raising flour left, so I used plain flour and baking powder.  I did not use the Kenwood this … Continue reading

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