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Roast Lamb Dinner

Dinner for four, me and my three imaginary friends. (One of us doesn’t like potato). Half a leg of boneless lamb, and vegetables. The pumpkin is stuffed with sunflower seeds and maple syrup. The hasselback potatoes are stuffed with garlic … Continue reading

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Quiche-Fritata Thingy

Real men do. I found it takes a while to cook this one through when cooking it in a Corningware baking dish in a turbo/halogen oven, but it’s worth the wait. I usually prepare the roasted vegetables the day before … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Cakes (in the toasted sandwich maker)

Low sodium, low GI, gluten, dairy and egg free, for those to whom it matters. Healthy comfort food. This recipe makes 8 potato cakes of about 775 kJ each. 1 golden sweet potato (about 350g) peeled and grated 1 potato … Continue reading

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Egg and Corned Beef Pie, Pastryless.

Following on from the Pommes de Terre Anna, a bacon and egg pie substitute using low fat corned beef. You could substitute ham or bacon but I used my own corned beef. Baking the bottom layer of potato first ensures … Continue reading

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Pommes de Terre Anna

Sometimes you need comfort food. Pommes de Terre Anna is such a dish as an accompaniment for fish or corned beef and peas on a cold day. I am counting my calories, or rather kilojoules, at present, so every time … Continue reading

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Simply put, this all-inclusive wrap will have you seeing rainbows, it is so satisfying. Lettuce Goji berry chutney Beans (Or bacon!) Tomato Quinoa In a spinach wrap, with Avocado. Meat of your choice Feta Self explanatory, really. But you could … Continue reading

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