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Aapehaar – Abon Daging

Aap haar is Dutch for “ape hair”, which this shredded fried spiced beef resembles. It is a Dutch version of an Indonesian dish called abon daging.  It is what is known as a rice puller, a flavoursome condiment to be served with rice. … Continue reading

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Rempeh Balletjes

Indonesian-style Meatballs Something nice to dunk in peanut sauce. Ingredients 400 g minced beef, chicken or pork 75g breadcrumbs 1 egg, beaten 1/2 medium leek finely shredded 1 small to medium onion finely chopped 1 tsp crushed garlic 2 tsp … Continue reading

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Chicken in Peanut Gravy

This is an Indonesian fusion adaption of my own.  In my opinion it is best made with chicken thighs though I had only breast available when I made this. Two chicken breasts cut into large pieces, or four to six … Continue reading

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Vegetable Sayur – quick and easy

This is my vegetarian day version of a dish usually made with chicken and vegetables. Very quick, very simple, very tasty. 1 onion sliced into segments a bunch of bok choy, chopped A few slices of capsicum of assorted colours Peanut … Continue reading

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Chicken Liver Curry

This is really tasty and has a pleasant texture.  Even people who don’t like offal tell me they like it. ingredients 500g chicken livers, washed and split 1 onion chopped finely about a Tbsp. sized slice of Trasi (dried shrimp … Continue reading

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Rendang Daging

  This is one of my favourite curries, that I first learned from the wonderful Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon.  I still intend to find another copy some time.  I hope my girls are giving it good use now.  This adaption is … Continue reading

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