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Scrambled Herb Honey Not Bacon Burger

Don’t react until you’ve tried it. Really This should have bacon in it, but I miscalculated. I didn’t have any on hand. It is still pretty good without it. The herb/egg/honey mix is really good. Some taste combinations just work. … Continue reading

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Quiche-Fritata Thingy

Real men do. I found it takes a while to cook this one through when cooking it in a Corningware baking dish in a turbo/halogen oven, but it’s worth the wait. I usually prepare the roasted vegetables the day before … Continue reading

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Caravansayur: Traveller’s Sayur in Peanut Gravy.

(low sodium) A quick and easy delicious fusion of Thai green curry and Indonesian style vegetables (sayur) using chicken breast, prawns or pork fillet. Ingredients for two servings of about 2000 kJ (480 Calories) total Other green vegetables such as … Continue reading

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Double Cornish Fritters.

So delicious. The yoghurt reacts with the self-raising flour to make fritters that are golden crisp with a creamy centre. You could substitute ham or smoked chicken for the corned beef, but then the fritters would not be so Cornish. … Continue reading

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Chicken And Capsicum Fajitas the easy way.

When you live in a caravan, it is time to simplify. For example I halved this recipe. Ingredients: 500g boneless chicken thighs, sliced thinly I packet of proprietory fajita spice mix 2 chillies 1/2 each red and green capsicum, chopped … Continue reading

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Kikinda Butta Chikkin

This is a total cheat fusion dish made from jars of commercial sauce but it is delicious! This is a non-cook’s dream to prepare and tastes very authentic.  But authentic what?  The Moroccan Harissa chilli sauce is very hot with … Continue reading

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