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Caravan Slow Cooked Guinness Steak and Kidney Cottage Pie.

My electric wok thermostat allows me to set it 80C, which means I can use it as a slow cooker. This means I can make a one pot recipe. No need to fry and transfer to a slow cooker. Less … Continue reading

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Roast Lamb Dinner

Dinner for four, me and my three imaginary friends. (One of us doesn’t like potato). Half a leg of boneless lamb, and vegetables. The pumpkin is stuffed with sunflower seeds and maple syrup. The hasselback potatoes are stuffed with garlic … Continue reading

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Yet Another Meatloaf

This may be the best yet. I left out the onion and the vegetables. My butcher makes really nice “burgers”, which contain a binding agent that gives them a firm, moist texture. No crumbling. By including them in my meatloaf, … Continue reading

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Festive Turkeyballs

I thought I’d experiment with turkey, cranberry and pine nut meatballs as a (slightly) lower calorie alternative to my Festive Sausage Rolls. I have some really nice dried basil with a beautiful aroma, which I thought would go well in … Continue reading

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Basil Pesto

I couldn’t let my lovely basil go to waste. This recipe is based on what I had in my herb pot, and makes 3/4 cup pesto. Half a cup before the cheese is added. 1 cup fresh basil leaves and … Continue reading

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Pisdorf Salad

Just the sort of salad to soothe the troubled mind after a trying day. And aren’t they all? This makes two serves of around 1,400 kJ. Ingredients 4 celery sticks, sliced 1 apple, cored, sliced and diced A squeeze of … Continue reading

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