How to F**k a Duck – and make Really Good Duck Soup.

I was disappointed the other day in the outcome after faithfully following an on-line recipe for slow roasted duck, that promised tender and succulent duck meat.

The recipe was as follows:

How to Roast F**K a Duck: The Basic Technique:

(AKA DISAPPOINTING DUCK – I wont link to the original).

Place a lemon in the cavity of the duck.   Roast it as follows for 4 hours at 145o C. After 4 hours, glaze and blast it at high heat for a short time.   

1. Score the skin, cut off excess fat, and poke it all over
2. Salt and truss
3. Roast at 145o C for 1 hour, breast-side up
4. Poke, flip, roast for 1 hour, breast-side down
5. Poke, flip, roast for 1 hour, breast-side up
6. Poke, flip, roast for 1 hour, breast side down
7. Poke, flip, blast at 200o C for 10 minutes, breast-side up
8. Brush with glaze
9. Finish at 200o C for 5-7 minutes
10. Rest 10-15 minutes, carve & serve

I should have trusted my intuition, which was telling me that even at only 145o C,  four hours plus seemed to be far too long to cook a duck.  If I try this again I shall cook it for only 35-40 minutes per flip and monitor more carefully what is happening.  Mistakes are for learning.   



This is how the duck looked even before the final high temperature blasts – which I did not do.   The scoring and pricking must have been particularly efficient.  I recovered around 400g of duck fat to put aside.  Perhaps my scores were a little deeper than they should have been.  My knives are very sharp.

In any case, most of the meat was dry and overcooked.

Disappointing.  Salvage operation needed.

I stripped the breast, thigh and leg meat from the duck and put it in the refrigerator, except for a slice or two of the tenderest bits with which I made a duck and cranberry sauce sandwich.  The remainder of the carcase and the lemon that had been roasted in its cavity went into the slow cooker with two litres of  water and a teaspoon of salt. Cooked on low overnight.

In the morning I extracted and discarded the bones and the lemon, returning  meat to the stock.

  • Then I diced up the remaining duck meat and added it to the pot along with
  • a diced onion
  • two thinly sliced carrots
  • a sweet potato diced small
  • some diced capsicum
  • finely chopped celery
  • a cup of frozen cooked black beans
  • two bay leaves
  • A tsp of tamarind concentrate
  • a pinch of mace
  • ground black pepper
  • crushed ginger
  • crushed garlic
  • chopped coriander leaves
  • 2 small red chillis

Then cooked on low for a further 6 hours.

It made Really Good Duck Soup.   Full Marks!  

Duck Soup

Really Good Duck Soup

Really really good!

Worth fucking a duck for.

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