Caramel Experiment

There was a post on Facebook suggesting an easy way to make powdered caramel from sugar was to bake sugar in the oven at a relatively low temperature for a long time.   I hypothesised that it should therefore be possible to do it in the slow cooker.

I decided to try.  I have a container of sugar that has been sitting in the cupboard over a year, as I rarely use sugar except in baking – and I haven’t been doing much of that.  Turning it into caramel seemed like a good idea.  I could maybe find a use for caramel.

Slow cooked caramel:

Two days on low. Result:  Warm sugar.

Two days on high. Result: Warmer sugar.

One day on Reheat. Result. A black mess of burnt-tasting toffee.  Very difficult to clean out of the pot.   Damn.

Conclusion:  Probably not the best way to make caramel.

burnt toffee.JPG

Epic Fail.


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  1. Pilgrim33 says:

    Thank’s for the laugh.

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