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Curry puff dizzy

1. Doh Grease
Wheat Flour 300 GM
A Nickel’s worth of salt
1/4 cup cooking oil
1/2 cup warm water.
* Mix A Nickel’s worth of salt into flour. Direct your cooking oil and flour with friendly gaul fingertips. Little by little, enter the water while my hands kept menguli so doh get a sticky not on hand

2. doh margarine
Wheat Flour 150 GM
100 gm margarine… Please add little by little so got a sticky not doh in hand.

1. Provide doh margarine until oily and uli
2. Provide doh oil + water, uli, usually doh oil 2 x more rdp doh margarine
3. Place the margarine in doh doh grease
4. Wrap, cover the whole doh doh doh margarine with oil.
5. Canaikan doh.
6. Cut the dough in the canal.
7. Rolls doh
8. Canal once again
9. Gulong doh time to 2
10. Use a knife cut the dough in a roll it will produce the vortex can this canal and core bubuh curry puff, grain and fries,

The ingredients for the curry puff:

Seed Potatoes-4
– 1 seeds large onion (diced)
Review-2 Garlic (tapped)
– 1 Spice Spoon Dibancuh Curry (with 1 Cup water)
– 5 Curry Leaf (but I didn’t drop)
– A Nickel’s worth of salt

How to make curry puff: core

1. Potatoes peeled and diced.
2. Boil until potatoes are almost tender.
3. Lift, toskan and marginalized.
4. Heat up the oil and put a big onion and garlic.
5. Sauté until yellows.
6. Enter Spice Curry and stir-fry until oil goes up.
7. Enter storm bilis powder and salt.
8. Finally, put the potatoes have been boiled earlier.
9. Messed up till dry seasoned gravy.
10. Lift and marginalized.

… Bon Appetit..


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