How to Prepare and Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg

A newly-laid egg that is hard-boiled is more difficult to peel than one that is a couple of weeks old.   Following a recent discussion about this; I present some handy hints on the subject that my old Nanna taught me:

1: If you want nicely centred yolks; spin the eggs on the bench or on a plate before cooking them.

2: Always start cooking the eggs in cold water.   This makes them less likely to crack.  Put salt and a dash of vinegar in the water. This firstly helps the egg white to set quickly should the eggs crack while boiling, and secondly makes it easier to peel them.

3: To avoid discolouring the yolk, bring the water slowly to a boil and then remove the pan from the heat after the water has been boiling for not more than a minute or so. Let the eggs cook in their own heat for ten to fifteen minutes. This gives a smoother, creamier set yolk with no green discolouration.

4: When the cooking time is up, put the pan in the sink and flush it with cold water from the tap. Let the eggs cool in water to room or body temperature.

5: Roll the eggs on the bench to crack the shell all over and peel them under a running tap or in a bowl of clean water. Water helps the membrane separate from the white. Start peeling at the round end where the air bubble is, and let water get in between the membrane and the egg white. This will make the egg peel much more easily.

6: Very fresh boiled eggs are much harder to peel if they have been refrigerated, so if you are taking them on a picnic, peel them before you refrigerate them.

Check out the recipes for pickled eggs,  marbled eggs, and Scotch eggs.



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