Lemon Fusion Fish, Salsa and Salad

I was going to cook this on my new, as yet unused, barbecue but I used the electric wok instead.


I used a nice fat fillet of  Pristipomoides multidens, known locally as King snapper, but now officially renamed as Goldband snapper.  It is a very pleasant flaky white fish that is similar to our favourite NZ snapper. It is so far my favourite bought fish here in Halls Creek.  It comes in individually packed frozen fillets so it is important that it is properly thawed before cooking.  Don’t cook fish from frozen  – unless it is those awful packaged crumbed fillets that you bake in the oven when you are really desperate for something that resembles fish, slightly.  

I splashed the fish with a little lemon juice and sprinkled it with a proprietary lemon and herb seasoning and some pepper.  I left it to stand in the refrigerator for a while.  

I made the salad from shredded lettuce, chopped spring onions and just a little aioli. Because that is what I had.  Maybe some avocado next time.

I sprayed the non-stick wok with a light aerosol cooking oil.

The salsa, for want of a better term, is a firm tomato cut into eighths, some slices of red and green capsicum and a few green beans, quickly stir-fried with a teaspoon of green curry paste.  

While the salsa was cooking in the bottom of the wok bowl, I placed the fish on the side of the wok where it would not cook too quickly, or pick up flavour from the salsa.  I turned it and removed it fairly soon so that the middle of the fillet was just cooked, and still a little translucent. The way fish should be. Juicy and flavoursome.  

Before serving I sprinkled everything with a few splashes of lime juice. Fish, salad and salsa. 

I thought the combination of flavours and textures, all married with lemon and lime, was really delicious.   I belatedly decided this was a keeper.  

lemon fusion fish, salad and salsa


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