Olive Buns

There is some satisfaction in posting ones failures.  Cooking is an art and a learning experience. The previous post for Easter buns is an example of such.

I have been having a lot of trouble with home made bread lately. With bread it is all in the flour. You need lots of stretchy gluten for good bread. All you idiots who are not suffering coeliac disease, and yet want gluten- free  can stop reading here.

The wrong flour turns out a bread with a crumbly crumb. A cake-like texture that’s no good.  It dries out fast, and makes terrible toast.

Up here, the best option is a pre made bread mix. The right flour guaranteed, and there is still plenty of room to experiment.  The instructions on the bag are just to add water and yeast, mix, knead, prove and bake.  Simple.

But there are still improvements to be made.

These buns are made by following the instructions on the bag, but adding a tablespoon of olive oil, a grated carrot, half a cup of chopped olives (both green stuffed with pimento, and kalamata) and an egg. I also topped them with a little grated cheese.  I was going to add sun-dried tomato as well, but forgot to put it out.

I added a little extra flour to compensate for the extra moisture.

You can experiment even with prepackaged mixes.

image image image image


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2 Responses to Olive Buns

  1. Alan says:

    Thanks Heidie! Some great looking stuff on your site!

  2. Heidie says:

    Hmmm sounds yummy! 🙂 Love xoxo Heidie

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