Roast Garlic Paste

On Friday  I cooked a (bought) turkey breast stuffed with walnuts and pears wrapped in bacon.   This was my solstice feast, postponed.

I roasted with the turkey some potatoes and a few heads of garlic that were beginning to sprout.  I have already planted as much garlic as my tiny herb garden and a few pots can manage, so I needed to use up the last of the bulbs before they were of no culinary use.

I trimmed off the green shoots to use as chives, then drizzled some olive oil over the bulbs and sprinkled some rock salt on top.   A few times during cooking I carefully drained the hot oil from the pan into a Pyrex jug, and basted the potatoes and garlic bulbs with it.

roast potato and garlic

I had some with the roast.  Later, when the garlic was cooled, I squeezed out the rest, separating the creamy pulp from the papery skins.  I then mashed it, mixed with a little of the salty olive oil from the pan and a little of the jelly that had set from the juices of the roast.  Then I refrigerated it.  Four bulbs yielded about two tablespoons of pulp.

I had some as a spread on a bread roll today for lunch.  Outstanding.  A smooth, creamy, mild garlic-flavoured spread that I think would be excellent on a good steak or fillet of fish. Or in mashed potato, with truffle oil.

I can see I shall have to make more.


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