Creamy Pasta With Spinach and Mushrooms

Borrowed Recipe

With thanks and acknowldgement to:  Teresa Sisterinpasta Boardman
Creamy Pasta With Spinach and Mushrooms
1 C. caramelize thinly sliced onions – (in 1 Tbs. butter)
1 C. saute thinly sliced crimini mushrooms until they begin to brown -(in 1 Tbs olive oil) then add to onions
1-3 finely minced cloves garlic – add to mushroom/onion mixture (low heat until garlic is just cooked)
Melt in 1/2 C. Philadelphia cream cheese
Add 1 C. milk – stirring on low heat until combined and creamy (add more milk if needed to thin mixture)
Add & stir on low heat 2 C. fresh baby spinach
or 1/2 C. cooked chopped spinach
Add 1/4 C. finely chopped parsley
Add juice and zest of 1/2 lemon (more or less to taste)
Stir in 2 Tbs each grated Parmesan and Romano cheese

1 lb. Cook fine spaghetti or linguini in salted water until al dente
Drain pasta, leaving a little of the cooking water
Toss the entire spinach-mushroom mixture with the pasta
Add fresh ground black pepper

Serves 2-4 depending on appetite and accompanying food such as bread, salad, or fruit.

Consume in good company


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