Lamb Fillet Burger

I may have mentioned that I keep a close eye on Woolworths’ “reduced for a quick sale” section.  That is where I buy potato salad and so forth, because even though it is not as good as my own, it is quick, convenient, quite tasty, and when price-reduced, cheap.   It is more acidic than I make, which means it will keep longer than the very conservative estimate on the label.  The thing I am most keen to buy from the RFAQSS though, is meat.  As the best-by date approaches, Woollies goes into a panicked flurry of price reductions so that on the eve of the dreaded deadline, the price may have been halved and halved again. In the case of red meat especially, the real fact is that the meat is still improving.  Aged meat is always tastier and more tender.  If the shop was mine I would be labelling the meat “lovingly aged” and doubling the price.

A while ago I picked up four lean lamb fillets  (not a trace of fat) reduced from the appalling price of  $8 for a few grams over a quarter kilo, to the very reasonable price of $1.78.   Today, a mere couple of days past the best by, I had two of them for lunch.  That is about 130g of lean meat.  I cooked them as I would a beef fillet steak, daubed with garlic, then dropped into a hot pan sprinkled with salt.  No oil.   Being smaller, they need less time because they should not be overcooked.  Such meat is best rare.

In the time it took to split a wholegrain bun, smear it very lightly with my favourite (Best Brand) mayo,  pile on some mesclun salad, sprinkle a little mint sauce over it and place a square of processed cheese over the salad, the meat was cooked both sides.  That is just a little past blue, because I must have dawdled a bit on the bun prep.  Nice and rare in the middle still.  Onto the cheese, on with the lid, and start gustation.

Tender. Melt in the mouth.





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