Chickpea and Celery Dahl.

First posted September 2009

I thought this batch of dahl turned out to be an outstanding success – I really
enjoyed it, and thought the recipe was worthy of being recorded so I can look
it up and do it again sometime.  Also someone else might like to try
it… So, cobbled together from notes taken at the time – here it is:


made enough for four meals, or, at least, four good helpings….. It freezes
well, fortunately.

1 cup chickpeas overnight in salted water with a pinch of baking soda.

Soak 1
cup yellow lentils
 overnight in salted water with a pinch of baking soda.

I say
one cup of each, but I am only guessing.  It may well have been more…


rinse and cook the chickpeas in fresh salted water until tender.

cooking the chickpeas, thoroughly rinse the lentils and put aside for a

two large onions in vanaspati (or oil etc) until clear and add the chopped
off-cuts and leaves from a bunch of celery
 Fry some more.

Add garlic
and lower the heat,

Fry a little longer.

Add salt and ginger
and the following spices:







(NOTE – amounts not specified, – I added generous amounts, probably
heaped teaspoonfuls of each, bearing in mind I always use half the amount of cumin
as coriander.  Most recipes don’t even mention cumin, but I like it).

add a dash of Worcester sauce, tamarind, or lime juice.  (I
used Worcester
AND lime juice).

the lentils, cover to twice the depth with fresh cold water.

Add a
vegetable (or chicken) bouillon cube or two and bring to the
boil, sti\rring regularly. When boiling, turn down the heat and simmer until the
lentils are cooked.

When the lentils are done, add coconut cream and return to a simmer, then
throw in 1/3rd  of the cooked chickpeas and a teaspoon
of Marsala.

the magic blender wand to puree the contents of the pot,

It should be a nice “pea soup” consistency.  However you might want this as
an accompaniment rather than a soup, so over to you…  Adjust by adding water
if too thick, or blend in a few more chickpeas if too thin.  When it seems
right, add the remaining whole chickpeas and return to the simmer before

Very nice with roti or even fresh buns.  Give us this day our dahly
*Thinks*…If thinned a little, this would be excellent gravy to cook marinated
tandoori chicken pieces in…  I may even add blanched almonds before
blending.  Food for thought…



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